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Hi!  This is my photography site (Jean Myers) and I love to photograph several subjects.  My favorite subjects are birds and wildlife, and I travel the world to photograph these subjects.  I also love travel photography, landscapes, macro, mushrooms and mold, insects, native plants and flowers and occasionally a person or two.  This site is dedicated to the best of my photography from all these sources.  If you would like to see my web site dedicated strictly to bird photography, which includes extensive numbers of species photographed on the many birdwatching trips I have taken around the world, you can go to my bird photography site at birdermom.photography.  If you are interested in learning about the 14 acre property my husband and I own in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains near Gilroy, California, you can go to my website at CasaDosRios.net.  I hope you enjoy my photography!  Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Photographer, birder, California native plant gardener, world traveler, writer, mother and grandmother.

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